1. Click on the crocodile icon in your browser (Chrome or Firefox) or in Outlook. This opens the tool. Via this icon you can find the snapADDY grabber at any time.
  2. Then the snapADDY grabber opens. Now click on the gear icon. This will bring you to the settings. In addition to the connections to the CRM systems, you will also find other configuration options for the Grabber here. You can also log out and upgrade your subscription here.
  3. Now scroll down and select your CRM system. Check the box on the left and click the small arrow on the right side of the box. This opens the whole form and you can see what information is needed for the connection. The boxes contain sample data. Enter the required data in the field. Also use the help box on the right. The small question mark will take you to the installation guide for your CRM system.
  4. Finally, click on the button "Connect to CRM system". If the test is successful,"Separate" will appear in the box. The connection exists and you can start exporting address data.