For CRM mapping we need the following information from you:

  1. Field definitions
  2. Your wishes
  3. Field names, entities and option values

1. Field definitions

(Not available for MS Dynamics 2013, 2015)

The field definitions provide us with information about the fields available in your CRM. With this file it is possible for us to connect the fields which are filled in the grabber with the fields in your CRM.

You can download the file as follows in the snapADDY Grabber:

  • Call up the settings in the snapADDY Grabber


  • If you are not yet connected, connect to your CRM system.

  • Download the field definitions and send the file FieldDefinitions.json by mail to your contact person or to    

2. Your wishes (Grabber interface)

Tip: Use the template (Excel, download at the bottom of the page) to send us all information.

Which fields should we add in the Grabber interface for you?

This is important:
Display name in the requried language(s).
Field type: Text or Dropdown/OptionSet
(Only for MS Dynamics 2013, 2015: For dropdown fields: Display name of the options in the requried languages)

3. Connection to CRM: Field names, entities and option values

In order to connect the created Grabber fields with your CRM system, we need the names of the corresponding fields in your CRM system as well as information about the entity in which the corresponding field is located.
(Only for MS Dynamics without field definitions: We need the schema name of the fields and for dropdowns the option-values
Where can I find schema names and option values?)

Tip: Use the template (Excel) to send us all details