1. Log in to your Sage CRM account and copy your user-id out of the whole URL string.

2. Open snapADDY Grabber and click on "Settings".

3. Check the "SageCRM" box in the CRM export part in settings.

4. Insert your specific user-id for XXX in this URL: "https://cloud.eu.sagecrm.com/XXX/eware.dll/webservices" and paste the complete link in snapADDY Grabber. 

    In our example this complete link looks like: "https://cloud.eu.sagecrm.com/snapADDY77y0qzgeskKH/eware.dll/webservices".

5. Fill in your log in data.



6. Test the connection to your snapADDY Grabber. "Successful" is being displayed when the connection was set up properly. 

    If you are using snapADDY in our Outlook Add-In, you just have to insert the API key without testing it.

Alternative possibility

  1. Copy the following URL https://[CRMDOMAIN]/crm/eware.dll/webservices
  2. Open the snapADDY Grabber and click on the icon "Settings".
  3. Click on "Sage CRM" in the CRM settings.
  4. Paste the URL you just copied.
  5. Replace [CRMDOMAIN] with your CRM domain, e.g. crm.companyname.com. You will find the company domain in the URL bar of your browser after you have called SageCRM there.
  6. Enter your login data and click on "Connect to Sage CRM".