If you have problems to update the current snapADDY Grabber application you have to remove the existing version and install the new version.

Before you do the update please make sure that you have exported all contacts from the snapADDY Grabber. It could be that your contacts are no longer present in the grabber after the update.



  1. Remove the add-on by clicking "Open Menu" then "Add-ons" in your Firefox browser. 
  2. Search for the snapADDY add-on and click "Remove" next to it.
  3. After the snapADDY Grabber has been successfully removed you have to reinstall it again please click this link: snapADDY Grabber for Firefox
  4. Click "Allow, then "Add" and "OK"
  5. Now you will find the crocodile icon in the upper right corner of your browser. Click on it to open the snapADDY Grabber and you can start!

If you need more help to uninstall or install please click here:

How can I install the snapADDY Grabber for Mozilla Firefox?

Wie kann ich den snapADDY Grabber für Mozilla Firefox deinstallieren?